Kaftans and Champagne

4 October 2013

"You know me, I live in la la land where it's all kaftans and champagne".

My friend and I laughed, knowing there was more than an element of truth to my statement. 

After a number of hugely successful learning curves, (otherwise known as epic failures), one of the things I came to realise about myself was that I would happily sacrifice more than a few essentials in order to keep myself up to date with vogue.

Maintaining a sense of style in everything I did was an essential part of me and no external force or circumstance was ever going to change that.
It's reminds me of the now famous SATC quote, "When I first moved to New York I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more"

Fast track to 2013. I have started a styling business, I'm blogging about fashion, and playing with facebook and pinterest is part of my daily routine.

And then the question was asked of me, 'So what is "Nothing less than chic"?' 

The word chic has become a term in fashion that is either loved or loathed. Granted, it is thrown around a lot.  

For me, chic is a sense of style, and "nothing less than chic" is about realising it in our everyday lives and the good news, is that it doesn't have to come with a luxury price-tag or a label...unless you so choose. 

It's swanning around in a gorgeous Kaftan when I'm home alone on a Sunday afternoon; it's putting a splash of paint on a wall, and hanging white sheers to create a chic backdrop; it's keeping the cushions fluffed and plump for the benefit of no-one but you (it's true I have been told to step away from the cushions..), it's pouring yourself a glass of wine or champagne and grabbing a sneaky half an hour to read your favourite Magazine...

It's about bringing a little bit of chic into your everyday. 



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