The fundamental elements of a winning wardrobe

9 September 2013

It's one thing to own the clothes, but what are the elements to your wardrobe that will bring it all together. 

1. The clothes you own should fit well.

Sounds pretty simple, but you would be amazed at the amount of people who are wearing the wrong size, and choosing unflattering cuts. Recently I went shopping with my husband for a blazer. He tried a couple on and found one that he liked. I suggested that it wasn't a great fit. The sales person assisting us, turned to me and commented, somewhat sarcastically, that we couldn't expect a perfect fit from any garment, unless we were having it tailor made. OK. Two things here.
First of all, not a good sales pitch, (needless to say he didn't make a sale) and secondly, while it may be true that it may never be a perfect fit, when you are paying good money for something off the rack, you can and should expect it to fit well.
Fit is critical. If your weight has changed and you have great pieces that can be altered, find a tailor who can make the appropriate adjustments.  If it doesn't quite fit off the rack, but only requires a few adjustments, then it may still be a good purchase, as long as you are willing to invest in the alterations.

2. Choose the right neutral for your classic cuts

Black and navy work perfectly for your classic pieces, but if you are not comfortable in either colour, experiment with others from the neutral palette to ascertain what suits your skin tone; neutral colours include greys, white & ivory tones, tans and beige and some will even choose animal prints as their neutral base..whatever works for you.

3. Reveal with caution. 

There is nothing wrong with revealing a little skin, however unless you are Blake Lively
if you are show-casing a plunging neckline, you don't necessarily need the thigh high split to accompany it.
Be wise about how much you reveal, otherwise you risk going from chic to cheap.

4. Every outfit should have it's hero.

 Olivia Palermo gets it right with this amazing jacket over jeans and a white tee - these two basic pieces have become the neutral backdrop to the divine... So simple.

Sometimes accessories will be your hero piece. If you are wearing all black for example, consider adding a pop of colour, or choose an embellished aesthetic for your shoes, handbag or jewellery.

5. Don't overlook undergarments

Everyone should own shape-wear. Size has nothing to do with it.

Clean, smooth lines are what we want, and undergarments are the key. They lift, tuck, flatten and smooth. Good shape-wear is easy to find, whether it be at your speciality lingerie store or the majors, and don't be afraid to ask for assistance on this one  - its like buying a bra - the fit will make all the difference.

6. Give shoes the attention they deserve. 

Shoes should never be an after-thought.  An outfit is not complete without them. Give them as much thought and attention as you have to the rest of your ensemble, and make sure that you invest in the basics. (that's another blog).
Shoe lovers, will often buy the shoes first  and build the outfit around them...just think Carrie Bradshaw...

7. Accept your body shape and engage in the process to find out what styles work for you.

Shift your focus from the number on the scales, the labels and your height, to shape.
Whether you hire a personal stylist or image consultant, conduct your own research reading articles and blogs on the internet, or buy a book off the shelves, this is an investment worth making. 
Understanding your body shape will change the way you look at your wardrobe and your experience with style. Not only will it give you the tools to enable you to shop effectively and with purpose, most importantly your confidence levels will soar because you will look and feel great.
Find it, own it, embrace it, work with it.


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