New York Dreaming

24 July 2013

It will come as no surprise that looking good is important to me, and on my recent trip to NYC, I was feeling somewhat intimidated, (perhaps terrified might be a more appropriate word) at the fashion set that was about to greet me.

It is one thing to look and feel good in your "local haunts", quite another amongst the style set of what I would consider to be one of the style meccas of the world. 

The problem with fashion is that there is always going to be the next "IT" bag, something prettier, someone more stylish, and at the heart of it often lies comparison, insecurity and inferiority. 
We must embark on our own journey to discover our unique style mantra, because true style will never be a carbon copy. In the words of Epictetus, "know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly".

I hoped that what I would find in New york would be eclectic, creative; true personal style that didn't necessarily look a particular way, but one that was diverse, interesting, colourful and unique.

I was not disappointed. 

New York is an inspirational colour palette that is unique in every way. Interestingly though, it was not what people were wearing that inspired me, rather the architecture, colour, food, side walk stalls... the windows, musicians in the park. The lifestyle....

There was more than enough room for everyone.... even the carbon copy - lets call it "borrowed style" because every now and then we just can't help but steal a look or two from the fashion set xo


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